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Shades of Green

Warmer months are quickly approaching and homeowners are starting to wonder about prepping gardens and lawn spaces. Now is a great time to plan how to fill those blank slates. Sometimes that means using flowers, bushes, or plants. Other times, clients are aiming for a natural look that fills more square footage and provides privacy. Grasses are a great way to achieve that goal. But, how you figure out what will grow best in your specific area? 

The public has lots of tools and resources at their fingertips. CSU Extension Offices have local chapters. Their goal is to help support mountain residents learn how to handle everything from mountain gardening and tackling noxious weeds, to attracting wildlife with plantings. You can find a lot of information through their website, classes, or maybe even through local farmer’s markets when they host booths.

Local nurseries often have native grass seed blends. Be specific when describing your type of soil, altitude, grading of your lot, and irrigation. Coloradoans spend a lot of time working against erosion, an achievable goal with the right seed and maintenance plan. Our team at Mile High Landscaping regularly helps clients make these kinds of calls as we create design plans. Grasses are a finer detail that easily add pop to any yard scape, from mountain rustic to ultra-modern.

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Backyard Design in Wildfire Country

Wildfire season is upon us. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a smokin’ hot outdoor space at home.

There’s a wide range of gas fire pit options. They don’t let off smoke and can usually be used during local fire bans. Choose materials that compliment your design. Keep it functional. A cover can transform your fire pit into an eating space. Longer, narrower fire pits are inviting for evening drinks and conversation.

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Fire resistant plants conserve water while adding native beauty. Protect plants, trees, and flowers with mulch that helps retain water while preventing weed growth.

Stone pathways, gravel, and decorative stone are attractive compliments. Use these elements to create space and have non-flammable material in your yard. For added ambiance and beauty, choose a custom water feature. There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing a soothing fountain, especially on a hot summer day.


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HOME is your condensed World


Home is where your heart is. It’s the place where you spend most of your time and where you desire to be at the end of the day. Home is where you open the door and feel the warmth and safety of the surroundings.

Especially today, HOME is your condensed World.

Even though we spend a lot of time inside the home, the truth is we feel our best outside in the sun. It just feels soothing being outdoors! Nature is where we feel at our best.

With spring being here, don’t ignore your outdoor living space, your landscaping, deck or patio area. Make your own outdoor escape.  Build your own outdoor oasis that creates an incredibly pleasant environment.

A beautiful and comforting outdoor space can mean lots of memories for you and your family.

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Back Yard Staycations


With the hectic hustle of everyday life, Staycations in your own backyard sanctuary are the best!

Let our latest projects inspire you to design an outdoor living space that will result in you having that dream vacation feel, without you ever leaving the comfort of your home.






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Landscape Design Trends for 2020

As we got into a brand-new decade it’s time to look at the landscape design trends.  In 2020 you will see an appreciation in mixing materials, contrasting textures, while ensuring functionality and simplicity.


Design your outdoor space that will be your favorite part of the home. Incorporate the elements that are most attractive and useful to you. Create the outdoor space that can be used for cooking, dining and/or relaxing. A solo BBQ isn’t enough anymore. Build and extend your kitchen to your patio, include a smoker and perhaps a pizza oven.

Modern Steel Pergola Outdoor Kitchen with smoker modern patio design

Add a fire pit as part of your landscape design. Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. The warmth and the ambiance of the fire pit makes a natural gathering spot for entertaining and relaxation.

Modern patio with fire pit Modern fire pit design Indoor outdoor living

Think of shade. Include an attractive architectural structure that will provide shade during those hot and sunny days. If your space doesn’t allow for a permanent arbor, collapsible umbrellas are a great alternative.

modern arbor


Look to contrast materials this year. Concrete and Wood, Concrete and Steel, Wicker and Aluminum, Copper and Birch. This trend will continue to be important to any outdoor design. Keep clean lines, but create variety.



Green is the color of 2020. Incorporate plants and accessories with greens. It’s refreshing, natural and effortless. The succulent rebirth is here, these low maintenance plants are here to stay and excite. With a wide selection of sizes and hues of succulents and yuccas you can create a completely unique landscape. The ornamental grasses are also wonderful for creating texture and visual beauty of a landscape.

  succulents in landscaping

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Four Landscape Design Elements

Here are the main four landscape design elements that we use to transform an ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary experience:


In landscape design, color is used for visual interest. It can be added with plant material or hardscapes. Color will bring a garden to life by adding dimension and interest.

color in landscaping steel rust color in landscaping plant material color in landscaping


Lines can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal, or curved. Straight and hard angles will create a clean, formal look, while curved lines will create more of a casual look. Vertical lines can be used to make an outdoor space feel larger. Horizontal lines make a space feel bigger by pulling the eye along the ground.

traditional landscaping patio concrete modern patio wall modern landscaping planters


Texture can be introduced to a landscape design by adding plants, it can also be created using hardscape materials. Different textures will add interest to any landscape and play an important role in design composition.


Form refers to the shapes of objects in a landscape. Landscape forms bring emotions and create atmosphere. By choosing certain shapes in a design we set the mood of a landscape project. Straight-lined forms feel structured and formal, triangles are strong, circles are soft, and asymmetrical shapes are casual and organic.

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