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Backyard Design in Wildfire Country

Wildfire season is upon us. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a smokin’ hot outdoor space at home.

There’s a wide range of gas fire pit options. They don’t let off smoke and can usually be used during local fire bans. Choose materials that compliment your design. Keep it functional. A cover can transform your fire pit into an eating space. Longer, narrower fire pits are inviting for evening drinks and conversation.

Modern Outdoor Living

Fire resistant plants conserve water while adding native beauty. Protect plants, trees, and flowers with mulch that helps retain water while preventing weed growth.

Stone pathways, gravel, and decorative stone are attractive compliments. Use these elements to create space and have non-flammable material in your yard. For added ambiance and beauty, choose a custom water feature. There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing a soothing fountain, especially on a hot summer day.


Landscape in Denver /

  A horizontal fence can turn a yard into an outdoor show-stopper. They look great from both sides of the fence, the lines of a horizontal fence draw the eye into the distance, instantly making outdoor areas appear more spacious.

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