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Landscape in Denver /

Winter Nights in Colorado

Outdoor fire features make fantastic additions to your home’s exterior living spaces.  Enjoy the brisk cold air by a nice and cozy fire for movie night`s under the stars, S’mores and Hot Chocolate. Enjoy the changing Colorado landscape all year round.

Parker Stone Fireplace

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Landscape in Denver /

Does you outdoor space look a little bare?

Gardening in containers is a way to add color and beauty to your surroundings, whether you live in a city condo or on a large country estate. Flower pots and containers can add an invaluable set of different shapes and architecture to any space. Even if you tend a large yard, or have limited space on a porch or balcony, or grow flowers in a window box, a colorful container of healthy flowers in full bloom is always welcome. Spring is here and it’s almost time to plant your summer flowers, so stop by Creative Living to grab your favorite set of pots and dress up your outdoors!




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