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Decorative Concrete in the Landscape

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Concrete is a unique material that is constantly evolving in its applications. It can become an intrinsic element in the landscape that is simple but elegant. We use concrete as a sculpture in the landscape that can be free standing or functional. The basic knee wall becomes a vertical element and backdrop to accent the color and texture of these grasses. The dark charcoal color is bold but not intrusive and as the eye draws closer the detail of a wood grain finish becomes apparent with added interest.

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Landscape in Denver /

Shape Up and Get Modern

Bringing your old backyard landscape up to date with modern design will not only raise your property value; but can also add hints of texture, pattern, and a clean geometric look giving a touch of comfort and class to any property.

This particular project from South Denver showcases a prime example on how Mexican beach pebbles and custom concrete steppers give a smooth streamlined lead into the lawn area, complimented by a 90º partition and raised deck. This gives a subtle, yet multi-dimensional transition from the propane fire pit to the main patio.

Did I mention patterns and congruent shapes are known to sooth the mind? So just relax….. give us a call for a fair and square estimate on your future landscaping needs.

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