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It is such a rewarding feeling for our company to have the opportunity to work with our past clients.  It’s the result of a positive client experience and satisfaction with our services. We look forward to working with you again!

Thank you for the glowing review!

“We were recommended to Mile High Landscaping by a friend for our home. When we met with Will he was professional and listened earnestly. We provided him with images of styles and ideas we liked. After a few weeks he presented his idea to us and we loved it.

The scope was far too big to complete in one project so we phased it and began work on the first phase the following spring, it could’ve been earlier but we wanted a sand finish on the concrete – this requires higher temps than other finishes. The crews were great though we had one build issue – this is construction after all. We worked with Will and his team and made lemonade from lemons. He made it right and we all ended up with a better design in the end!

After living with phase 1 for the last 3 years (and getting constant compliments on the patio and pergola) we are now ready to complete the project with Will. We met recently and are excited to make some small updates to our design. We spent time going over desired budget and reworked areas to save cost here and “do it right” there. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Will and his team.”


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