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Beautiful and Flowing Landscape Garden Steps in Denver

Outdoor Flagstone Steps

The transition from lower flagstone patio to the upper garden was made using these native sandstone slab stairs set into the existing hillside. The flagstone stairs were designed to curve through this natural setting so you can enjoy the blooming flowers and lush green trees lining the stairs to the top.  The large boulders are the same stones as the steps but with more natural hues of brown, greys, and gold. Not only were the stones placed for color accents but they also serve a purpose of retaining the hillside and slowing down the pathway so you can stop and sit and enjoy the garden around it. We wanted to be able to use the flagstone path in the evening and installed LED lights that line the stairs for safe walking at night after a family gathering by the outdoor fire pit. Sturdy and reliable these stairs will last a very long time.



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